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It is a fact of life that due to circumstances beyond your control (inclement weather, accidents, hospitilization), you might have to cancel or postpone your wedding. If the unimaginable happens and you have to cancel, what happens to all the money you’ve put down in deposits and obligations you may have to pay even if the wedding doesn’t take place? Couples frequently face these unforseen events. Wedding Insurance can bring peace of mind with the knowledge that you’ll be offered some protection in case of such emergencies.

Wedding insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and may provide a great deal of help in covering expenses that you have incurred. These policies will generally provide coverage for things like forfeited deposits, travel expenses, and even loss of wedding rings.

One thing that is not covered with Wedding Insurance is getting cold feet. But if the unimaginable happens and you must cancel your wedding, having wedding insurance could save a lot of expense and headaches.

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CNYweddings has been reviewing a new book, ‘Weddings Valentine Style’, by diann valentine. All we can say is, ‘WOW’

If you are looking for some rich ideas to create the type of atmosphere that is described by words such as ‘classy’, ‘elegant’, ‘stunning’, ‘eclectic’ and ‘extraordinary’, then this book is for you. Its lavishly illustrated pages of goregous photographs capture the essence of what a ‘Valentine’ wedding style is all about.

And the best part is that you don’t need an extraordinary budget to replicate her ideas. Many of the ideas can be accomplished without spending huge amounts of money.

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Anyone who has spent much time in Central New York  can tell you that summer storms can been quite nasty, with strong winds, hail and violent thunderstorms.

Should you be concerned? Well, yes, maybe you should.

Consider this real life example of what happened during a recent wedding during a rainy weekend in July 2006 at The Fontainebleau Inn, Alpine NY.

Storm CloudsIt was a normal enough afternoon, although quite hot and muggy. The ceremony took place at Sage Chapel, Cornell University and no rain fell before, during or immediately after the ceremony. All was well.

Once the guests and wedding party arrived at The Fontaineblau Inn, the cocktail hour proceeded without incident and eveyone was having a grand time. The DJ was playing beautiful music outside on the tent covered patio while the guests were enjoying hors d’oeuvres, enjoying the beautiful lake view. A few rumblings of thunder were barely audible in the distance. But the sky had a foreboding darkness which was heading towards the wedding reception.

An announcment for guests to take their seats inside was made, in preparation for the Formal Introductions. 30 seconds after the announcement, a horrific clash of thunder and lightning ushered in the beginning of an extremely strong thunderstorm. Still, at this point there was no cause for alarm as the guests were safely inside the building.

The introductions were about to begin and as the announcement was made, another clash of thunder occurred followed by a few seconds of flickering lights and then a complete power outage.

This could have been the end of the story, a ruined wedding recption caused by a power outage… no music, no lights, cold food. But this reception had a happy ending because The Fontainebleau Inn had an automatic power generator that switched on within 5 seconds of the power outage. In fact, none of the guests even knew that it was the generator providing the electricity. So what could have been a disaster turned out to be a non-event and the remainder of the reception proceeded without any further interruptions.

The moral of the story is to investigate the location of your reception and consider the worse case scenario to see how well your choice of venue will be able to handle a “worse case scenario”. It could make the difference between a wedding to be remembered and a wedding you’ll never forget.

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CNYweddings is so happy to know that you’ve found us! Countless couples have used our site to help plan their wedding. Brides and Grooms are frequently emailing us to tell us how helpful it was to be able to discover just exactly the vendors they needed at one, easy to use, website, that isn’t overly innundated with flashing and blinking ads and obnoxious pop-ups.

We’re no rookies when it comes to dispensing wedding advice. CNYweddings is entering its 18th year of operation. Gosh, we’re almost as old as the web itself. We are very familiar with the Central New York area and love helping you plan your big day.

Our blog will dispense information, advice and whatever else we think will be helpful or informative to you from a “planning your wedding” point of view. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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